Fixture Sales & Installation

Why buy my fixtures from Jackson Plumbing rather than purchase them myself at a plumbing store or a big box store?

  • At Jackson Plumbing we service and warranty what we sell, we have many years of experience and know what products work well and which brands & items have had poor performance, we know that sometimes the highest price is not necessarily the best quality, however cheep usually extends beyond the price tag, some products have been prone to problems, while others are time-tested.
  • If you provide your own materials or fixtures and something is defective, broken, or missing parts it is your responsibility to resolve the problems with the person that you have purchased them from, often this results in additional or extra labor charges due to additional trips to the job site that are required to complete the installation.
  • If we supply the fixtures or parts then we will be responsible to insure that all items are complete and work correctly. Our warranty policy is simple if we supplied it we warranty it for a period of one year under normal wear & tear. Plus Many manufactures provide additional longer or extended warranties on their products.
  • Because we often buy materials in volume and we have multiple sources to shop for the best price, we can in many cases sell the product at an equal or better price than you will get if you pick it up yourself.