Service & Repairs:

Toilet – Urinal – Flush valve – Sink – Tub/shower – Faucet – Garbage disposal – Water coolers – Circulating/ejector pump – Pressure system – Water heater repairs & replacements – Slab leak repairs – Water line, Sewer line, Drain line, & Gas line installations repairs, re-pipes, Excavation & replacement

Sewer & Drain Service:

Drain cleaning, High pressure hydro-jetting, & Camera service. Sewer lines, Drain lines, floor drains, sink drains, Tub & Shower drains, Plugged toilets, Urinal drains, Washing machine drains, Tree roots removed

Fixture Sales & Installation:

Sales & installation of: Plumbing fixtures, faucets, water heaters, water softeners, water coolers, pumps, valves, materials, & etc

Water Conditioning:

Water Softeners, Reverse osmosis, & Water filters, Iron filters

Water Heaters:

Installation & Repair: Electric, Natural gas & Propane gas tank type water heaters. Electric Point of use water heaters.  Natural gas, Propane gas, & Electric Tankless/On Demand water heaters.  Indirect boiler fired water heaters.

Pumps, Pressure Systems, & Expansion Tanks:

Sales & Service: Sump pumps, ejector pumps, circulating pumps, jet pressure pumps. Expansion tanks, pressure tanks, & holding tanks

Gas, Oil, Oxygen, & Compressed Air Piping:

Iron, Copper, Plastic, and flexible stainless steel gas & fuel line piping. Buried & underground gas lines.

Heating & Cooling:

Radiant hot water hydronic in-floor heating, Hot water baseboards, Convectors, Radiators, Fan coil units, Radiant Panels, Toe kick heaters, Heat exchangers. Steam & Hot water boiler installation & service. Wall furnaces, Gas fireplaces & inserts,  Over head unit heaters, Gas room heaters. Ice & snow melt systems. Infra-red radiant space heaters. Swamp cooler installation & service 

Maintenance Products:

Bio-Clean grease eating bacteria, Root-X drain line treatment & root killer, Bowl & Urinal cleaners, Drain Cleaners, Stain erasers, De-liming & De-scaling agents, Spa treatment, Boiler water treatment

Remodeling & Additions:

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Remodel & Additions of: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry rooms,  Mechanical rooms, & etc. Also, Handicap & Aging In Place Bathrooms, Low Threshold Showers, ADA Fixtures & Faucets, & Grab Bars, Fold Down Shower Seats, Walk in Bath Tubs

New Construction Residential & Commercial: 

Installation of Plumbing in new homes, mountain cabins, small business & shops, stores, strip malls, apartment complexes, restaurants, churches, & etc.